The treasury is where the DAO's investments are held. Overseen by our team of fund managers, our objective is to preserve capital and generate sustainable returns.
Treasury reports will be posted monthly, quarterly and annually. These reports will keep DAO members informed of the treasury's holdings and performance.

How we plan to grow the treasury

> Sharing exceptional art

We plan on releasing a number of unique art collections within the Griffin Investments DAO family. Each collection will be curated from a variety of the best emerging and established artists in the space.
Each new collection will also have an equity stake in the DAO's treasury; however it will usually be a smaller stake than the previous collection(s). No former collections will ever be diluted by new collection releases; founder's equity will be reduced to provide equity to the new collection.
Previous collections directly benefit from the sale of new collections via treasury growth from minting revenue.

> Royalties

Collections within the Griffin Investments DAO family will have a 5% royalty attached to all secondary marketplace trading. This incentives long term investment in our DAO and rewards holders. 100% of royalties will go toward growing the DAO's treasury.

> Treasury investments

Fund managers will oversee treasury investments to preserve wealth and generate a steady return. The treasury will hold a basket of assets that primarily include equities, but also include some crypto and physical assets. Much more detail will be provided in the following section 'Investment Strategy'.

> Business operations/ Treasury funded projects

As founders, we have a handful of exciting future plans for this section that we aren't willing to share at this point. This is also a topic that we will be looking towards DAO members for input on.
As an example for business operations, Griffin DAO Asset Management LLC could transition from a private investment company (which currently only manages the DAO's treasury assets), to a more traditional asset management company. The transitioned company would be open to clients around the world, and 100% of the profits from this business would be deposited to the DAO's treasury.
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How we plan to grow the treasury